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Dear Dr.Nitin

The benevolent hand of my Sadguru and God Almighty guided me to you and your honorable father Dr.Suhas Deshpande to consult you for my cataract problems.

The moment I saw you both, I understood that I was directed to the right place and the right people. You Surgically removed Cataract and fitted multi-focal lenses in both of my eyes within a span of three/four days. The equipment that you have the surgical expertise of yourself and all of you, the devotion and the spirit of service that I found during my treatment is simply par excellence.
I have no hesitation in recommending your netralaya and New Vision Lasik Center to anybody for Cataract, Glaucoma and Laser vision correction.



Freedom! after 21 years of slavery to spectacles ! I had a very high myopia  with spherical &  high cylindrical axis, even contact lenses were not suitable bcoz of high cylindrical axis. Without spectacles I could recognise faces just because of their voices vision was nightmare. I am gynaecological surgeon involved in emergency surgeries any thing wrong with specatacle- broken etc was just like being handicapped. Children use to break it almost every fortnight. I had three pair of spectacles with me to meet such situations……
Dr. Nitin & Dr. Prajakta
are my old college friends I am well versed with their brilliant expertise in ophthalmology and having the best & latest technological equipments at there Shree Ram Krishna Netralaya, so I decided to go with LASIK

And now I can’t believe what I can see with my own eyes the images are more sharper more clear than spectacles .
All my spectacles are dumped in dust bin and now my collection are Goggles!

So finally I have my freedom and I am very happy to miss my spectacles !
Thanks to Dr. Nitin & Dr. Prajakta  for their excellent work.

- Dr.Atul T. Dongre, M.D ( Gynaec & Obst)


I feel so much fortunate and privileged to meet Dr. Nitin Deshpande. ( Lasik done on 6th July 2009)It’s such a relief to get rid of the contact lenses and spectacles. The kind of consultation and guidance they are giving before and after the Lasik procedure is just wonderful. The Lasik procedure is a very simple and really a painless treatment. The technology and laser they are using is very advanced and has given proven best results. It’s a beautiful experience to get a clear new vision.. So go for it..

Ms. Pallavi G. Suryavanshi
Software Professional


I am Dr. Swati A. Dongre , (Gynaecologist ), I had a myopia n using spectacles since many years , I also used lenses but it used to give me headache after prolonged use.

Dr. Prajakta & Dr. Nitin
  advised me to go for LASIK . after going through Lasik I could see clearly the day itself, now my vision is more clear compared to spectacles- Eagle eye vision. and I am absolutely happy. Dr. Prajakta & Dr. Nitin  being my old friends I know they are just briiliant.
Shri Ram Krishna Netralaya is well equipped Eye hospital with the best & latest technologies. It is the best in MUMBAI.

- Dr. Swati A. Dongre . MBBS, DGO, F.MAS( Gynaec & Obst)


If only every doctor and staff were as professional, dedicated and caring as those at Shree Ramkrishna Netralya! I owe you my lifelong gratitude for helping me discover how wonderful it is to be able to see almost 20/20, without the aid of glasses or contacts (especially when you consider I had a very high power!).

I just can’t thank you enough for my ‘new eyes’. You really, truly have given me a new way to look at life!” "I am so happy about the wonderful results of my Lasik eye surgery. I can see so great. No more contacts or glasses. Thank you so much."

Riya Shetty


I am an engineer and I run my own business. Operation and that too an eye operation becomes a matter of fear. But there has been a lot of discomfort for me while doing my work either while using spectacles or contact lenses. I was convinced by Nitin that it was just a matter of a day and all my discomfort will be over.

A little pain during the operation, a day’s rest and care for a fortnight was all I had to go through. Now it is such a great  pleasure moving about with unaided eyes with an eyesight I feel more keen than before. Is this magic?

Anuja Zanpure(CEO)

I would firstly like to thank Dr Deshpande for helping me in getting rid of my spectacles. Though I was skeptical initially as a lot people said that Lasik is not safe but I am now confident that i can prove them wrong. I gained more than 6*6 visions which I did not have for the last 10years. He made the whole procedure look very simple and I did not realize when the surgery was over. I have recommended him to my friends and colleagues.

Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job.

Virendra N. Singh


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